Good Bat Neighbor

One good neighbor deserves another

Your bat neighbors are helping you…
give them a helping hand too!

Why should I help bats?

Bats need our help!

Across the country, 15 species of bats are threatened or endangered… that’s more than 1/3rd of the bats in the US alone!

Now they need our help because they’re losing habitat, suffering poisoning, and succumbing to a deadly disease.

Luckily, there are easy steps you can take at home that will help them. Find out which bats are in your area by selecting your state, and meet your fuzzy neighbors :-)

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What’s your Bat-titude?

How do you feel about bats, and do you really know them?

Will you help bats?

Simple steps you can take at home

(hint: it’s easy!)

Become a Good Bat Neighbor!

Get Bat Garden seeds, a bat house, even a bat yard sign

Don’t panic. Bats don’t attack people and rarely carry rabies… that said, never handle a bat with your bare hands, as they may bite if they are scared or feel threatened.

BAT IN YOUR HOUSE, no biggie: open the windows, turn off the light, and close the door to the room where the bat is and let it fly out on its own.

BAT ON THE GROUND, it’s injured or sick: contain the bat by placing a box over the bat and gently sliding a piece of cardboard underneath, secure the box and take to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Oh no!

I found a bat!

Simple Steps You Can Take